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Man gives up first-class airline seat to mother with ill baby, on his own birthday

New York Daily News logo New York Daily News 12/10/2018 Theresa Braine
© Mary Altaffer / AP For his birthday, a man flying first class gave his seat up to a woman and her ailing baby.

Kelsey Rae Zwick was traveling with her 11-month-old daughter, Lucy, from Orlando to Philadelphia for lifesaving medical treatment when the American Airlines flight attendant approached her, saying that a man in first class had offered them his seat.

Lucy has a chronic lung condition and needs an oxygen tank—a tight fit for an economy class seat situation. Since the premature birth of Lucy and her twin sister, Eva, last year, Zwick has been shuttling back and to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from their home in Orlando with Lucy. The two babies had to be intubated after arriving several weeks early, which left them with chronic lung scarring. Lucy needs special treatment.

Taking the Good Samaritan up on his offer gave both mother and daughter extra breathing room, so to speak. Overwhelmed, Zwick “cried my way up the aisle while my daughter Lucy laughed!” she wrote in a Facebook tribute to her benefactor. “She felt it in her bones too... real, pure, goodness. I smiled and thanked you as we switched but didn’t get to thank you properly.”

After the post, she did get her chance to thank her fellow passenger—and it turned out he felt as if *he* were the one receiving the gift.

“I guess it was his birthday, and he did reach out to us,” Zwick told Yahoo! News. “He was thanking me for a birthday to remember. It was the best day. He said it made him and his wife cry, and he said, ‘I am so glad we were on the same flight.’ ”

The irony was not lost on Zwick.

“He’s thanking me for something that I’m thanking him for!” she told Yahoo! News. “There’s always good people in the world, and that’s why I felt compelled to share.”


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