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Old American mills: Photo tour of a day gone by

USA TODAY Logo By Kori Hill of USA TODAY | Slide 1 of 24: Mona Lisa has often been scrutinized by medical experts, and she turns out to be a fascinating patient. In 2010 an Italian doctor looked at the apparent swelling around her eyes and diagnosed excess cholesterol in her diet. Other conditions ascribed to her include facial paralysis, deafness, even syphilis. More happily, it has been suggested that the inscrutable look of contentment on her face, as well as the coy placement of her hands, indicate that she is pregnant. Dentists have also had their say. It has been posited that her expression suggests bruxism, compulsive grinding of the teeth; or that the line of her top lip suggests that her front teeth are missing ' which, along with the faintest hint of a scar on her lip, raises the troubling possibility that she was a victim of domestic violence. Jungians, meanwhile, have seen her as an accomplished representation of the anima, the female archetype that resides in each one of us. It seems that almost any condition can be read into that puzzling face, and that some of the diagnoses, such as poor diet and dysfunctional marriage, are reflections of contemporary preoccupations.

Old American mills: Photo tour of a day gone by

America's history comes alive around the USA at these iconic, scenic mills. Though some have been turned into museums, restaurants or stores, many still work, and are a perfect glimpse into an era mostly left behind after the Industrial Revolution. Take a look at these simple, elegant workshops for a taste of a bygone America in the gallery above.

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