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The American Cities That Are Not as Dangerous as You Think

Reader's Digest Logo By Lindsay Tigar of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 8: The Big Easy is another town Americans perceive as safer than it actually is, according to <a href=''>Stratos Jet's</a> findings. Still, hundreds of thousands of people visit the French Quarter, Jazz Fest, and Mardi Gras each year, munching on beignets and sipping cafe au laits with nary a problem. That's because exercising just a little care and awareness will allow you to avoid trouble in this historic city. Take advantage of the great restaurants, do walking tours of Bourbon Street and the Garden District, visit incredible museums like the Cabildo: Just don't leave yourself vulnerable by over-indulging on the local favorite, Hurricanes. This southern town knows how to party; pace your open-container boozing and stick to the tourist attractions, you'll be in good shape, advises <a href=''>Smarter Travel</a>..

Some of these cities get a bad rep, but several studies and travel experts actually say they're safer than you think if you know where to go and what to avoid.

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