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5 Monuments That Could Share the Same Fate as Notre Dame

Fodor's Logo By Jesse Tabit of Fodor's | Slide 1 of 6: These Monuments Could Share the Same Fate as Notre Dame

These Monuments Could Share the Same Fate as Notre Dame

We've rounded up five beloved historical places around the world that are at risk of ‘Notre-Dame-like’ damage.

Earlier this week, a fire broke out at Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral, which significantly damaged the church before it was eventually saved. On the same day, another (less catastrophic) fire erupted at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest site. While the fires are not connected, Notre Dame and Al-Aqsa are both are quite old—856 and 984 years old, respectively—and older building materials can be more susceptible to catastrophic. In light of these tragedies, we’re taking a look at other older historical sites around the world that could share a similar fate. We’ve enlisted the help of World Monuments Watch, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping an eye on cultural heritage sites that are in danger of destruction. Here are five destinations that they’re encouraging the world to save (and we want to see) before they’re gone or irreparably damaged.

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