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Easy Packing Tips for a 10-Day Trip to Europe Work for Any Destination

WanderWisdom 11/24/2022 Jane Ellis
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This is such great advice!

Planning upcoming travel to Europe is certainly very exciting, but the packing part can become somewhat stressful. Being prepared and dressed for success, day-to-day from head to toe with your clothing, shoes, etc = one suitcase busting at the seams and being over the weight limits for most airways. Never fear, help is on the way! 

You are going to love these simple and easy tips that will melt away your packing sagas. Huge kudos to TikTok creator @jilliangottlieb for sharing this awesome and quick video clip to help save your day! Are you this organized? You can call us OCD, but we're in after watching this.

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These tips are so simple and easy to add to your own packing habits. We all have our routine, and how we get organized for upcoming travel. But these tips are so clever, timesaving, and the whole organizational element is totally awesome! Packing your daily outfits into plastic bags and then labeling them with the content is genius! Now you know what getup is for which day or event etc. No more digging through suitcases and piecing together outfits. 

TikTok viewers say 'thumbs up' for her creativity. User @marytodd1864 says, "I pack the same way. It makes it so much easier!" We'll bet, and what a timesaver, too! Another user, @cthornhill writes, "Great idea, I’m impressed, too!" Yet another fan of the clip, @hollyhillismagnes states, "I do this exact same thing!" 

If you are like us, we ALWAYS overpack and end up only wear a small fraction of what we brought. Sound familiar? Not anymore. We can't wait to put these tips to action. Just think: more suitcase space for buying and brining home souvenirs from your trip of a lifetime. Happy shopping!

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