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Flight Attendant Shares the 'Grossest' Day She's Ever Had and We're Speechless

WanderWisdom 12/5/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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This would be enough to make us quit.

Flight attendants have to be ready for anything at their jobs- including for when things get really gross. Turbulence might send passengers grabbing for their barf bags, a baby might have a bad diaper blowout, etc. Sometimes, though, the stuff attendants deal with is so rough that we'd probably quit if we were in their shoes!

Flight attendant Erika, aka @_the_shawtstuff_flighty_ on TikTok, has seen a lot of rough stuff on the job. However, her story about her "grossest day ever" is so long and dramatic that it's a two-parter!

View the original article to see embedded media.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Hurgh... we might need to find a barf bag of our own real quick. That story maxxed out our tolerance for grossness! Erika definitely has a lot of resolve for being able to shake off such a rough flight and go back to work the next day. As bad as we feel for her and the other cabin crew though, we feel worse for the sick passengers. If you've never had really bad food poisoning, you can't imagine how horrific it can be. Even as sick as she was, the poor lady did her best to clean up. And granted, perhaps her friends had a bit of karmic justice coming to them for making fun of her- but we even pitied them by the end of this story!

One thing we learned: never take "Bali belly" lightly- it acts with a vengenance! "I knew where this was going as soon as you said “we where coming back from Bali"," said @x_emma.w. "I’ve been in the middle of a rainforest in Bali s***ting myself as I went," related @callmefattyyy. OK, we've seen enough- we're bringing ALL the tummy medicines if we ever visit Bali!

Food poisoning on a flight is one of the worst things airplane passengers can experience. "Ugh…this happened to me this past summer. got food poisoning on a flight from Kilimanjaro to Nairobi. 8 others in our group were sick on flight too," recounted @lwelling. One user, @whatsonthatstickvic, shared a true horror story: "Can beat that! Woman in the seat in front of me had same problem but stayed in her seat and it seeped out the back of her seat onto my feet, no shoes." NO! Excuse us- we need a shower after reading that!

If anything, this story makes us appreciate our amazing flight attendants more. They've dealt with more horrific stuff than we can imagine!

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