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Mom's Joke About the Arrival of the Airplane Snack Cart in Flight Has Us Nodding in Agreement

WanderWisdom logo WanderWisdom 6 days ago Nicole Pomarico
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This is just so true!

We'll be the first to admit that even when you're going somewhere really exciting, flying itself can be really boring. Sure, it gives us a chance to catch up on that book we're reading or catch a quick nap, but sometimes, we'd just rather be able to teleport to our destination. But all bets are off when that snack cart comes around — AKA the most exciting part of the flight.

If you get excited about Biscoff cookies and cups of ginger ale, you're going to love this TikTok from @chelsea.t_, who totally gets it. She might be in a deep sleep in that plane, but she is absolutely going to wake up when she hears that snack cart coming down the aisle. 

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One minute, she's asleep, the next minute, she's fully alert and ready to tell the flight attendant what drink she wants. We definitely feel her there! Airport food is so expensive, but free cookies and pretzels are free, y'all.

Judging by the comments, many other people feel that way too (although one person commented that they're more likely to jolt awake like that when there's unexpected turbulence — we get it.) 

"Every person’s worst nightmare, missing the snack cart while napping!" one fellow traveler commented.

"And it’s always when you just got really comfortable," another person added, which is so true.

We've gotta love a snack cart, and we're glad other people do too. It's the little things!


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