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Moment Toddler Realizes She's Actually Flying in the Airplane Is Just Priceless

WanderWisdom 2/7/2023 Kathleen Joyce
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While many toddlers have a tough time flying, some of them handle the experience really well. After all, flying is a magical, adventurous thing for a young child, and experiencing it for the first time is really cool. However, that magical feeling may be mixed with anxiety too...

TikTok user @laceybialke recently took her two kids flying for the first time, and her toddler-aged daughter was particularly excited for their takeoff! But then reality set in...

Click here to watch the video.

LOL! We think we just witnessed Baby's First Existential Crisis! Her reaction is so legit and totally understandable.  At first it's all so exciting- you're flying through the sky for the very first time, and it's great! But then it sinks in: "Oh... I'm actually flying... and I'm thousands of feet off the ground." This kid is tangling with some pretty heavy stuff here!

But don't worry- both of Lacey's kids were able to overcome any initial anxiety by the end of the flight. "She was so pumped! Wilder was too! He yelled at the end of the plane ride, “Good job” ha ha. They’re so funny!" Lacey happily reported in the comments.

Wonderful! That's very heartening to hear. Flying is a really incredible experience once you push through the anxiety. Even frequent fliers still get the jitters themselves sometimes. "I’m a pilot and this happens to me every time," confessed @_cole_daddy_. LOL!

Little kids' notorious lack of filter can sometimes stir up anxiety for other adult passengers, too. "Last time I flew, 3 little girls were screaming, WE'RE GONNA DIE, on take-off. I'm scared to death to fly... that didn't help," laughed @hollstl. "My 7yo loudly and gleefully announced during take off of his first flight "Most planes crash during take off or landing!"  Mommy's already scared ok," hilariously recounted. LOL, not every time is the right time for "fun" airplane facts... 

 All in all, we think this sister and her big brother handled both the fear and the excitement of their first time flying quite well for their ages! Hopefully the next time they fly, there'll be no fear- just fun! 

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