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See-Through Bathrooms on 'Virgin Voyages' Cruise Have People Shook

WanderWisdom 12/1/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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You might think twice about using one after this.

If you've gone on a Virgin Voyages cruise before, you might have used one of their deck bathrooms that has a glass wall, giving visitors a stunning view of the ocean while they, uh, do their business. However, those bathrooms are typically locked while a ship is in port. If not, well- this happens. 

The user behind the TikTok account wasn't on a Virgin cruise- just docked next to one in port. However, they unfortunately had a full view of the Virgin ship's unlocked see-through bathroom across from them.

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Ohhh no. Oh dear. This is a good lesson for anybody who is going on a cruise with bathrooms like these- if you thought that these windows were tinted enough to lock out prying eyes, guess again. While they may be awesome to use at sea, that privacy goes out the window the moment you're across from another ship. At least the video's creator had enough dignity to cut away before anything was revealed on camera, but that doesn't mean tons of other guests on the next-door ship couldn't also see into the bathroom! 

Commenters were amused, disturbed, and mortified. "My actual worst fear," said @vogs22. "He still saw the whole thing a few dif times," @fatgabe83 laughed. "But why do you keep looking," @xbehsiajsbrbj clapped back- good point, there.

"I mean…when you’re out in the middle of the ocean, who’s going to see?" remarked @bertlee_41- and that's exactly right, because again, these bathrooms are only meant to be used on the open ocean! "It’s the pool deck toilet. I used it while we were out at sea, it was really surreal just staring straight out a window. I thought it was closed when in port though," shared @nicejobertrobert. "100% there is a sign on the door saying, only use on open sea," declared @differentiator3000.

It happens- sometimes the crew forgets to lock off these bathrooms when they pull into port. But use your common sense here. If you're across from another ship and there's nothing between you and them but a glass wall, use another bathroom- unless you want to put on a show. Some people, like @beccablue90, were OK with that possibility: "Nah I’d be waving at you from the toilet. Haha fellow toilet friend." LOL!

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