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TSA Agents Find Live Cat in Checked Luggage at JFK Airport

WanderWisdom 11/23/2022 Nicole Pomarico
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You can't make this stuff up.

Dealing with the TSA is one of the things many travelers dread most about the airport, since the long lines and stress that come with going through security isn't fun for anyone. It also can't be fun for the TSA agents who are working, either — after all, they're just trying to do their jobs. But there are certain perks of the gig that include being able to see the crazy things people try to sneak past security.

We'd imagine that many people try to smuggle liquids that are bigger than the mandated size and other boring things like that, but apparently, "live animals" are also on that list. A TikTok video from @cbseveningnews shared that TSA agents found a live cat in someone's luggage, and we don't even know what to think about that! 

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Apparently, when a checked bag went through the X-Ray machine, workers were able to see that a live cat was inside, and upon closer inspection, they even saw fur peeking out from the zipper on the suitcase — oh no! If you're an animal lover, you'll probably be relieved to find out that this wasn't done on purpose; the passenger who owns the luggage said he had no idea the cat, who belongs to his roommate, managed to sneak into his suitcase. OMG.

The TSA's official Instagram account is famously hilarious, and the jokes kept coming when they shared the news about the cat discovery. Along with photos from the incident, plenty of cat puns were involved... and as it turns out, this story did have a happy ending. The cat is now safe and sound with its owner, though we have to admit that the person who accidentally brought him to the airport was more than a little inconvenienced that day! 

Note to self: If you have pets, check your luggage before you leave the house. You never know what kind of stowaway you might discover. 

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