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Video of Abandoned Beach Resort in the Caribbean Is Haunting at Best

WanderWisdom logo WanderWisdom 8/16/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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This place must've been incredible in its hey day.

As popular as Caribbean resorts are to this day, many resorts don't survive. When these businesses fail, they sometimes get bought out by larger companies, but sometimes those properties sit totally abandoned, like skeletons of what once was there.

TikTok user @maine_camp_life found such an abandoned resort while vacationing in Anguilla. Getting out his camera and accessing the beach through a public access trail, he walks us past the abandoned villas of the former resort. The result is an uncanny trip back through time!

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What a curious, haunting sight. The design of the buildings is very distinct, seeming to fit the Art Deco revival of the 1980s. It truly is beautiful- one wonders what happened to such a gorgeous location. While the buildings are overgrown and have fallen into disrepair, the beach and the waters sit immaculate and unpolluted. It sets quite the melancholy scene!

After doing some digging, @maine_camp_life put a name to the place! "It's called Covecastles. Google it. Cool stuff!" Looking it up, we learned that Covecastles was closed indefinitely in 2018 until it could be restored after being damaged in Hurricane Irma. Evidently, those restorations were never made.

Others were familiar with Covecastles, too. "Anguilla. Been there in the 80's. Ferry ride over from St. Martin. Hard to maintain and access..." commented @grabjoy. We wonder if the maintenance and access issues are what ultimately doomed the damaged resort.

The tangible melancholy of this video affected many of its viewers, too. "For it to be empty something isn’t right 😳," remarked @justdeboraho0o7. "Sad seeing abandoned buildings... someone’s dreams were destroyed there too," mused another user. It's a sad thought, but at least there is some beauty that can be found in nature quietly reclaiming the space for itself.


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