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Woman says she was bitten by emotional support dog in JetBlue check-in line

WISN Milwaukee logo WISN Milwaukee 11/14/2017
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A Massachusetts woman is still recovering more than a week after a pit bull bit her while she was waiting to check in for a flight. 

Brittany Langlois was standing in the check in line for JetBlue at the Orlando Airport before her flight back home when a pit bull tore at her leg.

“The line kept moving and the next thing I know I am bit,” Langlois said. “I turn around and the owner is reeling the dog back in.

Langlois was with her girlfriend Heather Cox and the couple immediately tried to find out if the pit bull was up to date on its shots. The JetBlue representative told them the dog was an emotional support dog.

“Pedro said, “I have both your reservations, yours and the other passenger, but I cannot legally give you that information,’” Langlois said.

Back in Southbridge, Langlois took pain medication and antibiotics. She had a 10-day window to start a series of painful rabies shots, but after Newscenter 5 inquired, JetBlue released a statement saying the pit bull’s owner was not a JetBlue passenger.

“The unknown individual refused to cooperate and immediately exited the terminal with the dog,” the statement said.

“We called police and we were told it wasn’t a police matter,” Cox said. “It was a JetBlue matter.”

In her last conversation with a JetBlue representative, Langlois said she was told it wasn’t JetBlue’s dog that bit her so it isn’t the airline’s problem.

Even though passengers traveling with emotional support dogs have to check them in, no proof of vaccinations is needed for domestic flights. Langlois said she starts her rabies shots Tuesday.


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