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Woman Turns Rude Passenger's In-Flight Faux Pas Into an Epic Airdrop Party

WanderWisdom 1/24/2023 Kathleen Joyce
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Miserable flight experiences: we've all had a few. Whether your plane waited for hours on the tarmac or you had to contend with a rude passenger, not every flight is one for the books. However, at least you can sometimes commiserate with your fellow passengers.

Video producer @devinhance93 was recently stuck on a flight near a passenger who... wouldn't stop farting. Lovely. Running out of clean air, she Airdropped a plane-wide plea for the unknown assailant to cease- which turned into something unexpectedly nice.

Click here to watch the video.

Well, you know what they say- when life gives you gassy passengers, turn it into a Battleship Airdrop party! Alright, that isn't what they say at all- but still, considering what gross circumstances set off this whole chain of events, it's really nice to see it turn into something genuinely wholesome and fun! 

Still, people couldn't stop laughing about the mystery farter- although quite a few folks were genuinely sympathetic towards them. "I get so bloated on planes. It gets so bad when I eat that I constantly fart lolz. I stopped eating on planes because of this," admitted @thisislifeace. "This is a lil sad and a lot funny (poor person with the farts - I'm sure they wish they could stop!)," @ds00z empathized. This is a pretty common fate that's befallen many a bloated airplane passenger before... that's why you've gotta invest in some tummy medicines for long airplane rides.

Devin never did say if the mystery passenger stopped farting. Whether or not the aerial onslaught eventually ceased, though, at least she ended up finding a great way to have a ton of fun with her fellow passengers!

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