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Do you recognise any of these locations from books or films?

Easyvoyage Logo By Xenia Evans of Easyvoyage | Slide 1 of 11: Gotham City is widely thought to be based in New York City where the comic's writer, Bill Finger, lived for much of his life. The tall skyscrapers and big city atmosphere overwhelmed by crowds of people mirror that of the fictional city. As for the name, he got it from flicking through a New York City phone book and coming across the name "Gotham Jewelers". Chicago has also been cited as a source of inspiration, the mobster culture and criminality of the big city is recreated in the comic books. Furthermore, New York has very few back alleys, whereas in Chicago there are loads and in the comics, it's in the back alleys where Batman faces his enemies.

The weird and wonderful places described in books and films often seem completely out of this world. However, the basic laws of physics dictate that you can't create something out of nothing, so by this logic any figment of the imagination is rooted in reality. With this in mind, here are some of the places you can visit today that inspired writers and film makers to come up with your favorite fictional settings.

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