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Where to Find the Most Colorful Natural Wonders Around the World

Travel + Leisure Logo By Cailey Rizzo of Travel + Leisure | Slide 1 of 14: The color in Antelope Canyon is perhaps one of the most otherworldly natural wonders in the United States. Depending on the time of year you visit, the canyon can glow a fiery orange or a regal purple. Photographers particularly love the canyon from the end of March until early October when light beams through the tops of the canyon to create shining highlights.

Travel makes life more colorful.

vWhether you’re sampling new dishes or picking up crafts at an artisan market, venturing into the wild unknown brings new sights and new colors to your life. But no matter how colorful these human endeavors may be, they are no match for the artistic hand of Mother Nature.

The world’s most beautiful natural canvases are often a result of the perfect combination of location, temperature and some mysterious ingredient. Unusual salt deposits can make you see a lake through rose-colored glasses; perfectly planted flowers can transform a field into a vivacious work of art; algae can turn a hot spring into a rainbow pool.

From the mystical Rainbow Mountains in Peru and China to endless stretches of White Sands in New Mexico, these are some of the most spectacular natural wonders around the world to travel in full color.

Don’t forget your camera.

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