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Why You Shouldn't Miss The Historic Wanhua District In Taipei

Wanhua District, the oldest district in all of Taipei City, is a popular location frequented by tourists, youngsters and the elderly alike. The district can be divided into 3 parts: northern, southern and central. Situated in the north is the bustling Ximending shopping area, a place often visited by urban explorers or backpacking tourists looking to find trendy clothes and local eats. Meanwhile, the central side is home to various emblematic historic sites such as LONGSHAN TEMPLE, BOPILIAOHISTORICSTREET, or HUAXISTREET. These particular sites are rich in history and representative of Taiwanese culture and architecture, whether it's Longshan Temple which was founded in 1738 by Han immigrants from Fujian, or Bopiliao Historic Street which has been around since the Qing period. For a taste of ancient Chinese culture, you don't want to miss Huaxi Street, famous for selling snake soup, turtle soup, and herbal medicine. With the highest population of elderly people and Mainland Chinese, it's these significant features that attract people to live in Wanhua District.
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