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Frasier Reboot Will Finally Answer The Original Show’s Cliffhanger Ending

ScreenRant logo ScreenRant 11/24/2022 Ana Dumaraog
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The Frasier reboot will finally answer the original show's cliffhanger ending. Kelsey Grammer is returning as Frasier Crane on the small screen after almost two decades since the Seattle-set Cheers spin-off wrapped up. Unlike its parent series, however, Frasier's ending is a bit bleaker, as it leaves Frasier Crane's fate hanging in the balance after he decides to fly to Chicago at the last minute instead of his original destination which is San Francisco. Now, the Paramount+ reboot can provide answers about what happens next to the snooty psychiatrist in the Windy City.

After multiple delays, the Frasier reboot is finally inching toward production, and Grammer has been dropping clues about what to expect from the series. In a new interview with Parade, he confirms that the Paramount+ project will "cover his life in Chicago to some degree." This means that the upcoming Frasier revival will reveal what happened during the psychiatrist's time there, and while it may not dwell on it, tackling it could be enough to learn whether he lived long there or even if he was happy during that time. Ultimately, it will establish if Frasier made the right choice to fly to Chicago instead of Francisco during the Frasier finale.

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Why Frasier Moved To Chicago (And Not San Francisco)

Frasier moved out of Seattle and relocated to San Francisco after he was offered a job to host a TV show. It seemed like the perfect next step in his career, but he was conflicted about it as his latest love interest, Charlotte, moved to Chicago instead. It wasn't until the very last minute of the series that it was revealed that Frasier chose to follow her across the country. Considering everything that has happened to his love life, including Frasier's problematic romance with Lilith, seeing him making that grand gesture was impressive - and now, the Frasier reboot can finally reveal whether or not it paid off.

Where The Frasier Reboot Will Be Set?

It was previously confirmed that the show will see his character in a brand-new city, and it doesn't seem like it will be Chicago. Frasier's next home state will be all dependent on what kind of life he is currently living. If his attempt at becoming a TV personality panned out, he may be in Los Angeles or New York. Indeed, moving somewhere unexpected might be the smartest route for the series, as it would allow for a fresh experience for audiences - balancing out concerns that a Frasier reboot may be overestimating the character's appeal because the revival isn't bringing back the rest of the original ensemble cast.

There are still a lot of unknowns about the Frasier reboot at this point. Rehearsals for the series don't start until early next year, which means that it might not be released until the second or third quarter of 2023. Despite this, however, it seems like Grammer and his team have finally cracked the show's story — something that they were initially seemingly struggling with.

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