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Meghan McCain “The View” Video – Watch New Co-Host’s First Episode

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 10/9/2017 Shari Weiss
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(Video provided by ABC)

Meghan McCain officially made her debut as a co-host of “The View” on Monday.  As Gossip Cop reported, last month Jedediah Bila unexpectedly announced she was leaving “The View.” She gave no reason for her departure, nor did ABC. 

But reports soon surfaced that the network was in talks with McCain to become the talk show’s new conservative panelist. And it was confirmed the program was indeed adding a new voice when it started airing a promo late last week, teasing a new co-host.

McCain herself never commented, but shortly before showtime this morning, she tweeted “This morning’s soundtrack…” with a winking emoji, showing she was listening to Drake’s “Views.” (ABC) © Gossip Cop (ABC)

Now when the broadcast began, the announcer said, “The wait is over because the next chapter of ‘View’ history is just seconds away when our brand-new co-host takes her seat the table.” The opening credits did not feature McCain and the regular co-hosts came out without her, though a seat was left available where Bila used to sit.

Whoopi Goldbberg said, “Next chapter in ‘View’ history starts right now because we have a new co-host about to sit in the chair.” The moderator the descried McCain as a “strong voice for young conservatives” and said she “definitely has some maverick in her.”

When she came out to applause and cheers, Goldberg asked McCain, who has been on the show as a guest in the past, what it was like to now sit down as a co-host. “Well, first of all, thank you all so much for having me. It’s such a privilege to be on this show,” she said, stressing, “It’s such an iconic show, and it’s especially iconic to be sitting in this chair.” McCain then gave credit to Elisabeth Hasselbeck for paving the way. “To be the conservative on this show is a responsibility I take seriously,” she said, amusingly adding, “I don’t think we’re going to agree on anything, Joy.”

McCain went on to reveal she had an “off the record phone call” with Goldberg, whom she deemed the “First Lady of ‘The View,'” before officially joining the show. She also recalled telling her cancer-stricken dad, John McCain, about the job offer, remembering he exclaimed, “Are you kidding?! You have to do this!” She then spoke about his health for the first time, getting emotional. “I can’t believe I’m freakin’ crying already,” she confessed. McCain said she appreciates the opportunity to go through this issue in “real-time” on the show. She stressed, though, “We’re not only going to talk about cancer on the show.”

“I’m excited to be here. I’m in a different place in my life in a lot of ways,” she said, noting, “I hope I can live up to what you’ve already created for the last 21 years.” Goldberg closed the introduction by saying, “We got her. J, we got her. Just want you and Cindy to know, she’s in good hands here.”  


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