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MOONS Size Comparison 🌕🌗🌘 (by MBS)

🌝 Hello everyone and welcome to this comparison of some natural satellites of the solar system. From the smallest to the largest compared to New York City and Earth. 🎵Music: Air to the Throne - Doug Maxwell Jay Sweeps - Geographer 📄Sources: S/2009 S 1: Aegaeon: Valetudo: Anthe: Methone: Daphnis: Deimos: Calypso: Phobos: Hydra: Prometheus: Mimas: Miranda: Enceladus: Ariel: Charon: Oberon: Triton: Europa: Moon: Io: Callisto: Titan: Ganymede: ---My websites----- -Instagram: -Twitter: -Facebook:
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