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New Frasier Reboot Casting Makes Niles' Absence Even Worse

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Recent casting news of the Frasier reboot has prompted concerns over two missing main characters, Niles and Daphne. If their absence was not enough of a blow to Frasier fans, the upcoming sequel series has cast the role of their son, David Crane. Not only will the Frasier reboot suffer without Niles and Daphne, but including their son will surely make the series worse.

The upcoming sequel series, Frasier, is to be released on Paramount+ later this year but has been eagerly anticipated for much longer. Casting Niles and Daphne's son for Frasier but not the pair themselves, particularly after such a prolonged wait, may prove to be more detrimental to the series than previously realized. Even recent news that British comedy legend Nicholas Lyndhurst is joining the Frasier reboot may not be enough to save the long-awaited return of Frasier Crane.

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Niles & Daphne's Son In Frasier's Reboot Makes It Weirder They Won't Appear

Including David Crane in the upcoming Frasier reboot only highlights the absence of Niles and Daphne. In fact, omitting them all and focusing on a new story would evolve the character of Frasier more effectively, making a cleaner break between the original Frasier series and the reboot - comparable to Frasier's transition from Cheers to Frasier.

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If the Frasier reboot cannot feature Niles and Daphne, this would be preferable. David's presence only reminds audiences of the missing characters they were excited to see reunited. Resultantly, a sense of disappointment is permeating the forthcoming sitcom already, with many resolute that Niles' absence from the Frasier reboot is a tragedy.

Why The Frasier Reboot Really Needs Niles To Work

Much of Frasier's success was driven by the character Niles, who influenced large swathes of the original series. In fact, Frasier was not even supposed to have a brother until producers met David Hyde Pierce and created the role specifically for him. Subsequently, a lot of Frasier was bolstered by Hyde Pierce and his character. Frasier's meetings with Niles at the coffee shop, for example, became Frasier's most enduring image. The dynamic between the rival brothers soon shaped the show and became the basis for most of the humor in Frasier. Moreover, the love story between Niles and Daphne became Frasier's emotional core.

Many watched with bated breath for Niles and Daphne's blossoming romance to reach fruition. It became the central plot in Frasier, so removing the characters feels like a disservice to fans. They provided a perfect counterbalance to Kelsey Grammer's eternally unlucky-in-love Frasier, whose ongoing story arc was his inability to find romance. Without Niles and Daphne's courtship, audiences would have nothing to root for, not to mention less to laugh at. Though the popularity of Frasier Crane in Cheers led to the spin-off Frasier, without Niles (and Daphne) it is likely Frasier would not have become so beloved, and the calls for a reboot may not have been so clamorous.MORE: If Frasier Returns, Are Other Cheers Spinoffs Possible?


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