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Richard Lewis Confirms Filming Of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12

GameRant 12/29/2022 Matt John
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Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm should get excited because, as confirmed by Richard Lewis, the HBO hit show has started filming its 12th season. Lewis, who has played a fictionalized version of himself since the show first started dating back to 2000, said that he was provided with what he called "the greatest Hannukah present" when the show started filming its upcoming season.

On his personal Twitter page, Lewis confirmed on December 18 that they have, in fact, started filming the HBO hit's 12th season. "Larry David gave me the greatest Hanukkah present this year. We’re shooting #curb season 12! ⁦@HBO," Lewis said. Lewis did not give any details regarding when the finish date will be or when the 12th season will air, but following the show being renewed for its 12th season, it's clear that Larry David and co. are not wasting any time getting to the show's next chapter.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm filmed its previous two seasons in back-to-back years - 2020 and 2021 - for the first time since its fourth and fifth seasons aired in 2004 and 2005. While the show went on a brief hiatus from 2011 to 2017, it appears David is still going strong with fresh material in the modern day, which isn't the easiest task given how much comedy has changed since the show first started. In its run, Lewis has spent the entirety of the show's run playing a fictionalized run of himself where despite being among Larry David's best friends, he and David are almost always at odds with each other due to a petty squabble. Nonetheless, the show has demonstrated over the years that through their issues, David and Lewis still have undying loyalty to each other.

The real question is, are they going to acknowledge the elephant in the room - that star Jeff Garlin had to be removed from his other show, The Goldbergs, in 2021 because of verbal abuse allegations? Will Garlin come back as David's manager, or will they make a joke about what went down with Garlin? Funny enough, the show pulled off a pretty funny joke with Garlin in its 10th season in which Garlin's appearance had a strong resemblance to infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, leading to him being undeservedly scolded at a party. They might just do a play on that, though it would take some thinking to pull that off without issues, and that's only if Garlin is returning.

No matter what direction the show goes in, there's honestly no need for a show like Curb Your Enthusiasm to stop. Even though it's been over two decades since the show first started, it hasn't shown any real signs of decline. It's pretty impressive that the show has stayed strong with its comedic material throughout all these years. Whether Garlin is in the immediate plans or not, the show has proven that they can stay funny no matter what story they go with.

Curb Your Enthusiasm seasons 1-11 can currently be streamed on HBO Max.

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