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Secret Wars Remade Ms. Marvel As A Dangerous Secret Agent

CBR logo CBR 8/6/2022 Brandon Zachary
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Thanks in part to her relatively short existence within the Marvel Universe, there aren't a lot of Ms. Marvel variants yet in the multiverse. Nevertheless, the variants that do exist are extremely entertaining, like, most recently, the rocking friend of Spider-Punk.

As opposed to that rebellious version, one of the most potentially dangerous variants of Ms. Marvel is very reserved and feels far more at home working with her domain's authorities. Among the many variants introduced in Secret Wars, one of the most surprising versions transformed the fan-favorite young hero into a very effective spy who closely resembles Black Widow.

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When she was introduced to the Marvel Universe, Kamala Khan -- aka Ms. Marvel -- was firmly established as an Inhuman. She gained her powers from the Terrigen Mists and made bonds with other members of that community. For the most part though, Ms. Marvel has operated outside the Inhuman's influence. Instead, her connections to other heroes like Captain Marvel and the Champions have been played up far more. It's gotten to the point where -- following the revelation that the MCU incarnation of Kamala might actually be a mutant -- some have argued that Ms. Marvel should be retconned into a mutant in all media.

However, in some realities, Kamala's connection to the Inhumans is far more prominent. Sometimes, this means taking part in conflicts between mutants and Inhumans (such as the cynical Khan in Exiles). In other settings, Kamala is an agent of the Inhuman royal family. Each realm is composed of a different alternate reality, allowing for numerous variants of classic characters to be alive and active in different sections of the world. This includes Ms. Marvel, and the variant of her in Inhumans: Attilan Rising (by Charles Soule and John Timms).

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In the Battle-World region of New Attilan -- a version of Manhattan where the Inhumans became the dominant people -- Medusa served as a regent. Despite the Inhuman superiority of this realm, an insurrection among their people festered, with the hope of fighting against the rule of Doctor Doom. To that end, Medusa was tasked with routing their plans. One of her top operatives was revealed to be Agent Khan, an older Ms. Marvel who fully served the Inhuman royal family after losing her family to an Ultron attack. In this realm, the seemingly adult Kamala's shape-shifting abilities are far more refined -- while she could still embiggen her limbs into weapons, she could also alter her body into another form and cloak herself completely.

Essentially operating as Medusa's personal version of Black Widow, Kamala quickly proved crucial to her plans -- helping uncover and bring down Black Bolt's resistance before working with Medusa to fight against Doom. Although this version of Kamala more or less ceased to exist, it's still an interesting reminder of how young the Earth-616 incarnation of Ms. Marvel is. If she were to go down a more specific path in life, she could gain the kind of control over her powers that the Secret Wars variant possesses. She could even become the kind of spy who could give Natasha Romanova a real run for her money.


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