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Stephen Colbert And His Audience Had No Reaction To Bill Burr's Jokes

TheThings logo TheThings 9/22/2022 Alex Passa
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From David Letterman, to Jay Leno, to the current guard, like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and so many others, late night talk show hosts are well aware, keeping guests and audiences entertained is no easy task.

It is only normal that interviews at time take an awkward twist, and that's exactly what we'll discuss, taking a look back at Colbert's conversation alongside Bill Burr.

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In addition, we'll take a look at some other Stephen Colbert interviews, featuring those that went off the rails - including highlighting a guest the host has banned from his show.

Stephen Colbert Had A Few Awkward Interviews In The Past

Like so many other late night hosts, Stephen Colbert hasn't always been polished and in truth, interviews have gone off the rails at times. Interviews alongside the likes of Eminem and even T.J. Miller are hard to rewatch, especially given the host's lack of interest during the interviews.

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We've also seen some awkward moments in general, like when Colbert tried adjusting Kristen Stewart's microphone mid-interview, catching the actress by surprise...

On the flip side, the show has also given fans memorable moments, like Colbert's brawl with Bruce Willis, and when Keanu Reeves have his emotional answer to what he thinks happens when we die.

Nonetheless, the host is not immure to criticism, and fans were not only roasting the host for his interview with Bill Burr, but they also blamed the studio audience for everything coming across as dull on television.

Bill Burr Got No Reaction From Both Stephen Colbert And The Audience

From the moment he walked out, Bill Burr himself seemed a little uncomfortable. It just seemed as though his jokes weren't landing on that particular night. It all started with his joke about people walking around barefoot on commercial flights, to which Colbert responded by saying in a lower tone, "that's not right."

Burr would further state that certain crowds are getting harder to deal with, given that they get easily offended, once again, the statement got a lack of reaction from both the crowd and Colbert.

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Fans shared some of their own thoughts via YouTube about the interview, and the popular opinion put the blame on both Colbert and Burr.

"That crowd and Colbert were the perfect example of what he was talking about," one fan wrote, referencing Burr and how he would state everyone takes jokes too seriously.

Another fan also acknowledged another one of Burr's interview statements, and how it related to the Colbert audience, "It's so ironic how Bill literally says the crowds are so bad cause he has to walk them through the joke, and then he has to literally walk Stephen and the crowd through the joke."

Other fans speculated that Burr himself knocked the interview on a podcast, specifically Colbert's interview skills, "Bill actually subtly mentioned this interview on his Monday morning podcast. He pointed out that Colbert was a bad host who's overly sensitive and gave Bill no support during the interview without actually saying Colbert's name, but it was obvious who he was talking about."

Now Colbert did not comment on the ordeal and what had taken place, however, he hasn't shied away from banning others on his show in the past.

Stephen Colbert Has One Guest He Banned From The Show

Despite some tough interviews, rarely has Colbert flat out banned someone from his show. However, there is one exception according to his words with the Washington Post, and that's Donald Trump.

When asked about having Donald Trump back on the show, Colbert stated, “The quick answer would be no,” Colbert said.

"It would be hard for me to be properly respectful of the office because I think that he is so disrespectful of the office that it’s very hard to perceive him as I would want to perceive a president in terms of their status and the dignity and their representation of the United States.”

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Perhaps now that Donald Trump is no longer President, the ban has been lifted? Don't count on it...


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