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10 Reasons Why the New 'Dredd' Rules

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1. Judge Dredd has no sidekick (but a cool rookie)The original movie: You know you're in trouble in a dystopic sci-fi film when Rob Schneider immediately emerges as a kvetching petty criminal whom Judge Dredd -- framed for murder and expelled from Mega-City One to the Cursed Earth -- must team up with ... for no good reason. And while Judge Hershey (Diane Lane) helps defend Dredd against the charges against him, she's too nice for the job. And at the end of the film, she kisses him. Normally we'd say awesome, but not in the dark world of Dredd.The new "Dredd": Dredd is training a psychic rookie Judge named Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) to see if she is worthy of bearing the title and responsibilities. Upon investigating a triple homicide, the two are quickly locked into the 200-floor Peach Trees complex and hunted down by the cronies of the villainous drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), who sells loads of the mind-bending drug Slo-Mo. It's nasty urban warfare from then on. Talk about baptism by fire, literally.Bing: More about 'Dredd' | More about Olivia ThirlbyUrban insight: "Olivia Thirlby is extraordinary, and she did such a great job with this character," said the star. "In many ways, it is her story. It's the story of how Anderson goes from a rookie and evolves into a Judge, where she finds that strength, and it's not that often these days that you get to see such a strong female character."For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.   (Lionsgate)
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