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5 Reasons 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' Tanked

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The comic book movie got positive marks from critics and fans, so did it fail at the box office?By Brent"Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" had everything going for it: ecstatic reviews, a long ride atop Twitter's trending topics and a boffo buzz boost out of Comic-Con. Moviegoers never got the memo. But those who actually saw the day-glo love story almost universally adored it -- surely a recipe for word-of-mouth business in week two. Right? Wrong again: in its second weekend, the graphic novel-based, video game-inspired action/comedy fell to $5.2 million at the box office, a 51 percent drop from its doleful $10.6 million opening. How could something so intrinsically good -- and at $60 million, not cheaply made -- go so wrong? The Wrap:Cameron Supersizes 'Avatar'Selling the film proved to be an impossible task, film marketing executives and analysts told TheWrap. Coupled with a mashup concept that defied easy characterization, the film was crippled by its lead actor Michael Cera, who is rapidly earning a label as box office poison. "This was a case where there was a narrow demographic and where that group of people responded to the movie very enthusiastically and were loud in praise, and the internet lent it more weight than it may have deserved," said Jeff Hartke, a former box office analyst with the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Here are the five things that went so wrong with a movie that seemed to do everything right. ('Scott Pilgrim vs. The World'/Universal)
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