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7 Shows We're Binge-Watching This Summer


By TV Guide News

With network TV season finales firmly in the rearview mirror and summer shows not yet back in full rotation, many regular TV viewers are likely facing the same dilemma: What to watch? Sure, it's great to finally have more than 5 percent storage space left on our DVRs, but it's difficult to suddenly go from carefully planning Sunday night series' schedules to watching--gasp!-- repeats. But as that old, awful NBC marketing campaign, goes "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you." So, which series should you dive into during this down time? Below, editors share their binge-watching selections for the summer:

What are you binge-watching this summer?

"The Mindy Project"
I hadn't watched "Mindy" since the third episode of the first season, but as a "You've Got Mail" disciple, I checked out the Season 2 finale's rom-com pastiche, and no less than 72 hours later, I binged on the first two seasons in one weekend. Like any young show finding its footing, the comedy has had a few peaks and valleys (and lots of cast turnover), but it's adorably messy, charming, sweet and witty (with a wardrobe that is to die for). And you'll walk away wanting Danny Castellano as your gynecologist, personal trainer and dancer. --Joyce Eng
Where to Watch:Hulu Plus

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There are two shows I'm determined to catch up with before the new fall season: "Parenthood" and "The Good Wife." I'm starting with "Parenthood" because I've already seen the first season and loved it; I just stopped watching for no reason whatsoever. (What would my therapist say about this?) It's quickly becoming one of my favorite shows and I want the Braverman family to adopt me. Thankfully, I've been able to stay relatively spoiler-free about the series, so that probably helps.I basically blew through half of Season 2 in a single weekend, and it's been a long time since I was addicted to a show in such a consuming, stay-up-way-too-late-to-watch-one-more-episode way. The plotlines are relatable and heartwarming but not in a saccharine, after-school special way; and the show does a great job of balancing humor and drama in a way that reminds me of beloved '90s family dramas like "Party of Five." Also? The music is great. I've already added a couple of new discoveries to my iTunes library. --Liz Raftery
Where to Watch:
Seasons 1-4 available onNetflix, Season 5 available on Hulu

"Orphan Black"
Call me a follower, but whenever there's a critically acclaimed show -- especially one that's offbeat -- I'm usually late to the game. But I've finally carved out the time to get into BBC America's "Orphan Black." While I'm only midway through the first season, I love the mix of mystery and humor, and I still don't know how Tatiana Maslany successfully pulls off playing so many different characters, often all in the same scene. And if I plan it just right, I can catch watch enough episodes to catch up just in time for Season 2's finale this month. --Robyn Ross
Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

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"Six Feet Under"
Back in HBO's early-aughts heyday, I was considered "too young" to watch "The Sopranos," "Sex and the City," and "Six Feet Under." I have since watched (and re-watched) the first two, but I had never seen more than one episode of "Six Feet Under." After the bloody TV season that just ended; RIP Will Gardner!; it felt as good a time as any to watch an entire series about death. But while every single episode may begin with the end of someone's life, "Six Feet Under" makes it bearable because of the truly unique way it discusses death and everything that comes with it. Although, sadly, I do know one big spoiler about the final season, I have been pleasantly surprised by the show countless times, such as the frequent use of fantasy sequences and double-takes, as well as the complex characters, including one of my new all-time favorites, the batsh-- crazy Brenda. --Kate Stanhope
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime

Everyone has been hounding me to catch up on the six-episode first season of this little Sundance show, and now that it's all available on Netflix, I really have no excuse. I'm a big fan of creator Ray McKinnon's work, and this thoughtful exploration of an ex-con readjusting to life on the outside sounds right up my alley. With waves of reality TV coming my way this summer, I'm hoping this much-lauded drama will be the smart, measured, emotionally engaging series that can fill the "Mad Men" void in my current viewing schedule; especially since Season 2 is also right around the corner. --Adam Bryant
Where to Watch:Netflix

"The Vampire Diaries"
After Netflix pulled "24" from its lineup, I needed something new to binge. So, I started a full re-watch of "The Vampire Diaries." Not only does this show surprisingly hold up, but it has also matured and evolved with its core audience. It's also been fun to look back at some of the smaller moments that paved the way for bigger and better things. Remember when we all hated Caroline? Or when Damon found a drinking buddy in Alaric? Whoa, the original family was introduced in Season 2?! Thank God they got rid of that crow! It's definitely worth a re-watch before next season. Think of it as a super long eulogy to Damon; fine, and Bonnie. --Natalie Abrams
Where to Watch: Seasons 1-4 available on Netflix

"The West Wing"
After continuously feeling left out of conversations, I finally gave "The West Wing" a chance, figuring that if people are still talking about it 15 years later, it's probably worth checking out. For the two months it took me to work through all seven seasons, Bartlett and his staff made up the majority of my social life — and I don't regret one hermit minute of it. There's a reason the Aaron Sorkin drama has stood the test of time and continues to inspire websites, think pieces and trivia competitions (in which I've, sadly, only reached second place). Because as much as I love "Scandal," if you're looking for a smart political drama, "West Wing" remains as relevant now as it did when it premiered (a sad statement on how little America's political landscape has changed). Plus: If you watch, you'll finally understand what the big deal with "The Jackal" and Big Block of Cheese Day is! --Sadie Gennis
Where to Watch: Netflix and Amazon Prime

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