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Alec Baldwin gets into a scuffle with yet another photographer

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Some people learn from their mistakes. Others are destined to repeat them. Alec Baldwin falls firmly in the latter category. Seventeen years after he scuffled with a photographer who tried to take photos of him and then-wife Kim Basinger as they arrived home with newborn daughter Ireland, the quick-tempered actor has once again snapped over cameras aimed at his family.TMZ says Baldwin, 55, got physical when a paparazzo approached him on Tuesday while he was strolling near his New York apartment with his current wife, Hilaria, who gave birth to their daughter, Carmen, last Friday. It's just the latest in a long series of run-ins between the camera-hating star and the paparazzi, although what exactly happened during this latest incident remains up for debate. The photographer claims Baldwin grabbed him for no reason."All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions, and he flipped," he tells TMZ. "That's all."But a Baldwin defender insists the lensman was the aggressor, and claims he went so far as to follow Hilaria into a nearby tea shop."What kind of sick, twisted psychopath chases a woman who just got out of the hospital from having a baby into a tea store?" asks a member of Camp Alec.In pics of the incident, Baldwin can be seen gesturing for the photographer to back off as Hilaria tries to pull her husband away (she clearly knew what she was getting into, considering that Alec brawled with a shutterbug when they got their marriage license last year). In another photo, the actor appears to have the paparazzo pinned to a parked car (click on for the pics). Both men called the police. Seems they fessed up to "pushing and shoving each other," but neither was inclined to press charges.Fingers crossed that Baldwin isn't doomed to repeat his entire history, because we'd hate to think that in a few years Carmen could be subjected to a "rude, thoughtless" little voicemail from her irate dad. Keep clicking for more photos from Baldwin's latest pap scrap ...
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