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Amazing Race's Caroline and Jennifer: Skydiving Task Was "Really Frustrating"

6/17/2014 Joyce Eng

By Joyce Eng

A split-second decision made the difference between first and second place for Caroline and Jennifer on The Amazing Race All-Stars finale. Despite seeing Dave and Connor's cab pull up behind them en route to the final clue box, the country singers let the duo pass them, giving them a marginal lead they wouldn't relinquish. "They got there four seconds ahead of us," Caroline tells "It drives me crazy thinking about it." So why didn't they tell their cabbie to drive faster? Find out below. Plus: See what they have to say about their passive racing style.

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Dave and Connor said you guys were seconds behind them.
 Yes! Four seconds. That's how far behind them we were at the helicopter place. We could taste the $1 million. Four seconds away! 

I felt bad because last week, it seemed like you were finally going to win a leg and they beat you, and now they beat you by four seconds.
 I know! Dave and Connor — those little thieves! They keep stealing our first places! At least give us the big one.
Caroline: Throw us a bone!

How deflating was it watching Dave land and knowing that you're second? 
 It was difficult because after watching previous seasons, there's always a chance for you because you race to the mat. When they took me to the field, I was like, "Oh, my God! The mat is so close. Whoever drops first wins. There's no way to catch up." I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Caroline: The skydiving was really frustrating for me because Jen and I got to the last clue box four seconds after Dave and Connor. But you had to go through the procedure and how to jump. I was actually in my helicopter first, but his helicopter took off before mine. I was like, "Oh, my gosh! I know what's happening right now." There was nothing I could do. The only hope was that he would miss the clue, but once his helicopter kept going, I knew he got it and I knew we got second place at that point. We were in the air at the same time, but I don't even remember skydiving because I was so focused on getting to the mat.
Jennifer: When she landed, she sprinted faster than I've ever seen her sprint. I was like, "Caroline! You know we're second, right?" She was like, "Let's go! Let's go!"
Caroline: I don't know what was thinking. I was like blacked out. I was in a zone. I thought maybe there'd be some miracle that we'd beat them even though they had already won.

Why didn't you tell your cabbie to drive faster when you saw Dave and Connor passing you?
 When they passed us, we were probably 30 seconds away from the place. We thought, "They passed us. We'll catch up on the task." We weren't thinking that whoever pulled the clue was going to win the race.

Do you regret not telling him to go faster?
  I guess now in retrospect we do, but it didn't even cross our minds. We didn't even know we needed to think about it at that point. It seemed so small, but it made the race. If the challenge was something else, it might not have mattered.

Amazing Race

Were you surprised Brendon and Rachel tried to steal your cab?
I can't believe they did that!
Jennifer: You can't believe it, really?
Caroline: We tried to be friends with Brendon and Rachel the whole season, and we actually like them. We thought they were fun and nice and fine, but that last episode, they started to play a little dirty.

Did you get along before the U-Turn debacle?
 We got along with them. In real life, they wouldn't be someone we'd go and hang out with. Dave and Connor, we genuinely love and we'll be friends with them forever. It's not that we didn't like them. We just gravitated more toward Dave and Connor, the Afghanimals, the cowboys, the Globetrotters and Margie and Luke. Brenchel weren't really our cup of tea.

You seemed so surprised that the Afghanimals didn't U-Turn Brenchel, but when I talked to them, they said they never promised they would U-Turn Brenchel. 
 I don't know if they promised it, but we had all made a pact that whoever got to the U-Turn first will U-Turn Brenchel. At the end of the day, I get it. That was a smart decision for them. I guess when we say we're going to do something, we'll do it.
Caroline: Leo called me too after the race and was like, "We never promised that! They made us look like we promised it."

You got lucky with two non-elimination legs, but a lot of fans don't like that you were piggybacking off other teams and got so much help. 
 The funniest thing is we helped people so many times, but of course that wasn't shown. Connor couldn't even start [sewing] the shirt. I helped him tremendously. Of course, they helped us too. On the Spanish steps, I gave Dave the answer. I guess they wanted it to look like the blondes got help from everybody. We got saved on two non-eliminations, but that's not our fault. We're happy. We'll take whatever we can get. If that means people are helping us, we're going to take it. It's funny that people think you can play dirty, but playing nice is not OK.
Caroline: People love to hate. Haters gonna hate. They can hate on us. We don't care.
Jennifer: We still got second, so kiss our little booties.

I talked to Phil and he said he didn't think you would make it this far and didn't think you thought you would either. So did you?
He is correct! [Laughs] Actually Jen and I believed in ourselves this time. We really did. We started channeling all our positive energy and kept telling ourselves that we were going to win. Even though physically we were the weakest team since we were the only all-girl team since the twinnies got eliminated the first leg.
Jennifer: And also, the other girls, their boyfriends were carrying their backpacks, so we had 30 pounds we were carrying that the other girls weren't.
Caroline: We were at a massive disadvantage. The fact that we just stayed in there, we're really proud of that. Phil is right to think it was unlikely for us to hang in there to the end. If you lined us up against all the other competition, we would not be the likely winners.
Jennifer: We were smart racers. We picked and chose when we needed help and when we were going to give it. We were really good with directions. There were a lot of things we were good at that people aren't giving us credit for, which is fine. Physically we weren't the strongest, but we were strong in other aspects. Our first season, we made the mistake of not reading the clue correctly and we made sure to read the clue carefully this time.

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You mentioned this on the show, but you now hold the record for running the most legs without winning one. How does that feel? 
Yup, for sure, we hold it. [Laughs]
Jennifer: It's not exactly the title we want to win. At least we won something. We ran the most legs and never won one!

What are you up to now?
 Jen and I are hosting this big event in Nashville called Nashville Dancing, which is going on the whole summer. It's like a festival that happens every Thursday night. And then we're going to the studio and recording a little more music. We might have something for you to listen to soon.

Will you do duets with other racers?
 Yes, definitely duets!

What happened to "Hockey Heartbreakers"?
 [Laughs] Oh, my gosh! That's so funny! We're not done yet.
Jennifer: We actually talked to Bates the other day. They are still our hockey heartbreakers!

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