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Angelina Jolie still hoping for Cleopatra film

Angelina Jolie still hoping for Cleopatra film © WENN / Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie still hoping for Cleopatra film


Actress Angelina Jolie is still hoping her long-delayed Cleopatra film will hit the big screen.

Filmmaker James Cameron first revealed he was interested in developing a 3D movie about the Egyptian queen in 2010 and he wanted the "Salt" star to take on the role.

Following the news of Cameron's involvement, it was reported David Fincher was in talks to direct the film, but he reportedly declined to take on the project in 2012.

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"Life of Pi" director Ang Lee was also added to the list of potential filmmakers, but he still hasn't signed on.

While Jolie admits the process has been difficult, she feels the film can still come together.

She tells People magazine, "I've been working on (it) forever. It's the hardest one to get done, so it's either going to be one of those that you just walk away and say, 'It was too hard', or it comes together beautifully and you really take it on."

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