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Bad energy

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With the release of 'Promised Land,' 10 films about the human cost of using the earth's bounty to fuel our economyBy Mary PolsSpecial to MSN MoviesWhen it comes to the issue of natural resources, Hollywood tends to favor gloom and doom stories about what happens after human beings have destroyed the environment and ruined the planet. Think "Avatar," "The Road," "WALL-E," "The Day After Tomorrow," "Children of Men," "Sunshine" and this year's "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Dozens of documentaries have taken on the subject of our dwindling resources and threats to the planet's future, from this year's "Chasing Ice" to "An Inconvenient Truth," which featured Al Gore explaining just how dire the global warming problem is.The wry Matt Damon drama "Promised Land" is unusual among feature films in that it takes on an extremely timely environmental issue. Natural gas is a promising alternative to oil, but just how safe is it to extract from the earth? The process goes by the evocative name "fracking," a subject explored in HBO's 2010 documentary "Gasland." Actor John Krasinski -- who co-wrote the film with Damon and a little help from literary star Dave Eggers -- says he wanted to set out to make a movie about "American identity and people making decisions." He originally planned to focus on issues around wind farms, but switched to natural gas and fracking after deciding it has more widespread impact on Americans."Promised Land" is out in theaters Dec. 28.Bing:More about 'Promised Land' | More about Matt DamonFor more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter. (Focus Features) 
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