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Baked Goods

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Before you jingle to "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas," join us in saluting the cream of the crop (cough, cough) of screen stonersIf you head to the theaters to see "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" this weekend, you probably already know that the leads will be indulging in some herbal — and dare we say, less-than-legal — recreations. These gentlemen won't be the first to spark up on-screen, of course; they'll just be the latest in a long line of characters to envelope themselves in cumulus clouds of cannabis smoke. In fact, during the past few decades, the stoner contingent has been represented quite a bit in cinema, ranging from leading characters involved in intrigue to comic relief to ... um ...Sorry, uh ...what was I saying again? Hey, man, like, where did you put those Mallomar cookies again?Oh, yeah, right: movie stoners. So, in the spirit these legendary potheads, we salute the best -- if not exactly the brightest -- of screen smokers and tokers. These are the gents (and lady) we'd most like to share a spliff with ... for medicinal purpose only, naturally ... assuming we did such things in the first place. (Warner Bros.)Bing: Find out more about "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas"Like MSN Movies on Facebook
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