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Beckham donates his salary to charity, plus more celeb extravagances

By Jessica Wedemeyer Slide 1 of 10

Sure, they breathe air, eat food -- well, we're pretty sure they at least eat salad -- occasionally sleep, and, we assume, go to the bathroom from time to time. But let's be honest for a minute: Stars may be human, but they're nothing like us. Read on to see which star extravagances have us wondering if we're really the same species.RELATED:Best and worst beach bodsThey donate their entire salary to charity.Feeling good about that $10 bill you dropped in Santa's Salvation Army bucket outside the mall back in December? Well, David Beckham is donating his entire salary to charity. "To be able to give a huge sum to a children's charity in Paris is special," Becks said after pledging to donate his pay as the latest member of Paris Saint-Germain's football club. To put things into perspective: That means the Beckham clan has enough money to relocate to Paris and welcome a new baby without breaking a sweat. Hot!
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