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Bieber-free? Selena Gomez says she's available in every way

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It's been a revelatory few days for Selena Gomez. In addition to sharing the news that her mom is expecting, she also declared that she's single and ready to mingle, provided there are cold, sugary treats involved. In an interview Friday with wicked awesome Boston radio station Kiss 108, she made it clear that she's no longer tied to Justin Bieber."So sometimes you just may see a boy walking down the street and he says, 'Let's grab an ice cream.' You're available?'" asked the beating-around-the-bush DJ. When Selena replied "Yep," the DJ confirmed, "Completely available in every way?" Insisted Gomez, "Yep! By the way, that would be awesome if someone asked if I wanted ice cream."Late last month, the fun-seeking, sultriness-experimenting starlet, 20, surfaced in Norway to spend time with an on-tour Bieber, 19, who then tweeted and quickly deleted a pair of cuddly photos, including the one at left."I am not putting energy into dating," Selena explained to the June issue of In Style. "It's uncomfortable that everywhere I go, people know. I don't like that. But Justin and I never really focused on the attention. You can't help who you date. So I wouldn't swear off that or say that's what I want again. I don't know."As for the future, "I'm a kid, and a breakup is normal," she shrugged. "I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. I'm doing my own thing, being with my friends, and he's doing very well too. You have to have honesty when you're living this lifestyle because of the distance imposed when working -- you are separated so often. You have to be super-honest and open. That is key."Click on for more PDA-centric photos of Selena and Justin, before she was available in every way (and before he unwisely inked on that Gomez-esque tattoo) …
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