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BING: Misspelled celebrity tattoos

By Katie Mathewson Slide 1 of 9

We all make mistakes, but when you're famous, your flubs are big news. And when your flubs are permanent, you really can't forget about them! We've rounded up 12 tattoo-loving celebrities who have erroneous ink on their bodies. Some have tried to erase their mess-ups, but for the most part, these stars have to live with the painful reminders forever. Click to find out who has tats that aren't quite right ...Hayden Panettiere has one of the most ironic tattoos we've ever seen. Though the actress has made light of the spelling mistake in the past, she's now working to get her ink removed.BING:What was Hayden's ink error?FIND:See the star show off her tat SEARCH:How cute was Hayden in "Remember the Titans"?
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