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Birds, bees and the box office

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The modern teen sex comedy and its evolution By James RocchiSpecial to MSN MoviesIn the upcoming movie "The To Do List," Aubrey Plaza plays a smart, bookish high school graduate in the early '90s who realizes that there are several life experiences she wants to have before she goes off to college -- specifically, ones having to do with sex. It's a plot -- and an ambition -- that Hollywood wouldn't have touched with a 10-foot-pole up until a few years ago. But as American attitudes about sex have changed, Hollywood's attitudes toward sex on-screen for the high school and collegiate set have changed as well. When the sexual revolution, and advancements in science and attitudes, hit, Hollywood started getting into the coming-of-age sex comedy business, and made a few classics in among the misfires. At their worst, these coming-of-age sex comedies have a grim, joyless disdain for sex, or, at the other end of error, show the consequence-free frictionless fun of Hollywood at its most hedonistic -- two extremes that don't really speak to the reality of the facts and feelings involved. With that in mind, we thought we'd look at several American films about sex in either college or high school in the modern era and see which manage to be real and sincere in between their salacious nude scenes and slapstick moments.  Bing: More about 'The To Do List' | More about Aubrey Plaza | Video: Watch the 'To Do List' trailerAre you looking forward to watching "The To Do List?" Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page and on Twitter. (CBS Films)
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