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Bloody good show!

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The most gory and disturbing moments in horror moviesBy Jeff Michael ViceSpecial to MSN MoviesWord on the street is the "Evil Dead" remake/"reimagining" actually outdoes the original version in several ways. If you've seen the 1981 film, "The Evil Dead," the movie which jump-started the careers of director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell, then you know that's saying something."Evil Dead" has already got some needed buzz, based on its red-band (unrated) trailer, which featured plenty of blood, as well as a tongue-splitting sequence that's guaranteed to give most audiences nightmares.Bing: More about 'Evil Dead'And if you can believe the early reports, the Motion Picture Association of America's Classifications and Ratings Administration board originally gave the movie an NC-17 rating, which is box-office poison for most movies. However, the distributor (TriStar Pictures) quickly submitted a slightly different cut of the movie and got a more-commercial R, as well as some "controversy" for publicity's sake.Fede Alvarez makes his feature filmmaking debut with the movie, which he co-wrote and directed (among those also chipping in on the script was Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody). Jane Levy ("Suburgatory") stars as Mia, as a drug-addled 20-something whose friends take her to an isolated cabin in the woods for an intervention. And, no, this cabin in the woods is not the one from last year's hit movie of the same name! The following is a list of its bloody kin, a few of the goriest and most disturbing films from the horror genre.Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This gallery may contain content not suitable for some viewers and may be explicitly graphic due to the nature of the movie it is covering ("Evil Dead").What's the most disturbing horror movie you've watched? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook and Twitter pages.  (TriStar Pictures)
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