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Bloody Great Movies!

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As 'Centurion' arrives to lop off body parts and pour blood all over the screen, we give our picks for the 11 goriest flicksBy Glenn KennySpecial to MSN MoviesThe new action-in-ancient-times cinematic romper-stomper "Centurion," which pits renegade Romans against pissed-off Picts, has a number of noteworthy features: brisk, lively pacing and action, relentlessly battling babes (onetime Bond girl Olga Kurylenko yields an extremely mean ax) and terse, profane dialogue that completely eschews the "these" and "thous" which are usually endemic to such period pieces. But perhaps its most noteworthy features are the geysers of blood that spray from the characters as their flesh and organs are pierced and hacked, repeatedly, in fights ranging from ferocious one-on-ones to full-scale forest free-for-alls. It's kind of unusually ... well, awesome. And it brought to mind a host of other groundbreaking, gut-churning films that pushed the envelope on oozing and spurting and intestinal ugh. The thing about gore is that it travels pretty well from genre to genre; about the only cinematic place where blood and guts seems not to play is the Hollywood romantic comedy, although some might feel that a chainsaw-wielding psycho could have brought a welcome new dimension to, say, "It's Complicated." One ought to also remember that gore has its hounds, and cultists of such cinematic spectacle are real sticklers, so don't be surprised if this feature starts getting comments such as "How could you leave off 1991's 'Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky,' the insane Japanese film in which the super-powered title hero literally causes a foe's head to explode with his bare hands?" Well, the answer is you can't include everything, and we have a finite number of spaces. From our sweat, toil, tears, and, yes, blood, here are 11 of our favorite, most groundbreaking, most disgusting movies that spectacularly shed precious bodily fluids.
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