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Breakup rumor du jour: Did Demi Moore get dumped?

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That was fast. What began early last month with a bump and grind on a dance floor in India has apparently ended with a brush-off in Miami. The New York Post says Demi Moore, 50, has been deep-sixed by 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel because he was less than thrilled that she decided to join him for the annual Art Basel festivities."Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business, and doesn't want to be seen as somebody who dates celebrities," alleges a source. "He hated having photographers follow him around after word got out about him and Demi."Schnabel, who's been linked to the more mature likes of Elle Macpherson and Liv Tyler (and whose 60-year-old artist-filmmaker dad, Julian, is engaged to a 30-year-old model), apparently pulled the plug on the dalliance when Moore arrived in Miami ready to have fun."Vito wasn't too happy that Demi flew down to party at Art Basel while he was working to build his business," explains the spy. "It was a distraction he didn't need while all the big collectors were in town."Geez, what happened to all publicity is good publicity? Demi met Vito at an extravagant birthday bash that Naomi Campbell tossed for her billionaire boyfriend, and she was reportedly making out with him while acting "wild and crazy" at a Chanel-sponsored Art Basel bash on Wednesday night.Schnabel, however, denied they were an item when confronted by paparazzi.The not-quite-ex Mrs. Ashton Kutcher didn't let the ostensible split get in the way of her good time. According to the Post, she continued to hit Miami hot spots over the weekend and was spotted hanging with a George Clooney-less Stacy Keibler and a "group of mostly male friends."One person who probably won't be broken up about the alleged parting of ways: Demi's eldest daughter, Rumer, who was said to be unhappy about the hookup because Vito is an acquaintance.Click on to check out photos of Moore's awkward dance moves as she partied in Miami with Lenny Kravitz and a random kitty ...
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