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Britney Spears slips on minidress, thigh-high boots, for church date

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 12

Aug. 5, 2013Considering that we spent much of Sunday lazing around on a chaise while soaking up dangerous UV rays, we are in no position to cast stones at Britney Spears, who spent part of her day at church with her boyfriend, David Lucado. Alas, her pious pursuit is under fire because of the ensemble she wore to pray.A bedheaded Brit-Brit attended services in Thousand Oaks, Calif., decked out in a second-skin, turtle-necked minidress paired with thigh-high stiletto boots. But in what will surely be categorized as a miracle by the devoted, she did wear a bra.Sure, Britney's getup was arguably more appropriate for a house party than a house of worship, but then again, having to sit through services in a frock that tight and uncomfortable could be seen as a form of penance (after all, someone has to pay for that "Smurfs 2" video). Spears, 31, left services hand-in-hand with Lucado, who was sporting a vest and tie, a la Justin Timberlake circa 2007. Brit used her free hand to tug down her thigh-climbing dress. Click on for more photos of the outfit that some are calling a holy mess, along with more snaps of Britney and David together …
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