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Britney Spears Sued for Allegedly Breaking Dancer's Nose

6/17/2014 Kate Stanhope

By Kate Stanhope

Britney Spears is being sued by an actress and dancer who claims that the pop star broke her nose during a music video rehearsal and then refused to pay her medical bills, NBC News reports.

In the lawsuit, filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Dawn Noel claims that she was injured on Aug. 19, 2013 at a Woodland Hills dance studio during rehearsals for Spears' music video, "Work B----."

Noel says that Spears was "having difficulty learning the moves, performing dance steps and following simple directions." Spears then allegedly twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manner with her arms extended and she "forcefully backhanded" Noel in her face.

Spears apologized, but continued to learn her steps. Noel waited a half hour before going to a doctor, who said that she had nasal bone fractures and would need surgery.

Noel says that Spears and Reign Deer Entertainment agreed to pay her medical bills, but refused to pay for treatment months later. She also says that the injuries also prevented her from working, resulting in loss of present and future wages.

Watch the video for Spears' "Work B----" here.

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