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Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon had the most authentic late night conversation in ages


By Jordan Zakarin

By giving the host and his guest a few words that they had to say, the "Tonight Show" ended up with one of the most spontaneous and fun conversations in its recent history.

Usually, promotional duties, the quick churn of the broadcasts, and guests' varying ability to banter result in somewhat scripted conversations on late night television; a trust anecdote here, a weird fact there, maybe even a hidden talent that was revealed earlier to the show's producers. That's the reality, and often, it works quite well -- who doesn't like watching celebrities smile and have a little scripted fun before bedtime?

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On Monday night's "Tonight Show," however, a game called "Word Sneak" that host Jimmy Fallon played with Bryan Cranston led to a conversation with a level of goofiness and spontaneity that is rarely seen these days, and it was quite refreshing.

Each man had to slip in a certain number of random words into their conversation, which led to the image of baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs slip and sliding into guacamole and Lake Titicaca.

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