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By George! Best of Clooney

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Film critics like to toss around the "next so-and-so" line ad nauseam: the next James Dean, the next Marlon Brando, the next Cary Grant. It's annoying, frequently untrue and, as much as I like him, Hugh Grant is not the next Cary Grant — sorry. It's far too easy to compare actors. But then there's George Clooney: a guy whose looks, attitude and impressive acting chops deserve such classic comparisons. The man can skillfully play soulfully understated to uniquely over-the-top with nary a sweat. The brown-eyed, witty charmer does indeed recall cinema's golden age — sometimes it's Gable, sometimes it's William Holden or Burt Lancaster and, yes, even Grant — while maintaining his signature uniqueness. Amidst all the pretty boys and overtly manly men, no one's like George Clooney. Starting his career in thankless TV roles and moving to major stardom as the dreamy Dr. Doug Ross on television's "ER," Clooney managed the difficult transition from TV stud to major Hollywood player (unlike, say, David Caruso). Shrugging off missteps such as "Batman & Robin" and excelling with both daring, interesting material and directors (Robert Rodriguez, Steven Soderbergh, Joel and Ethan Coen) while becoming a talented producer and director in his own right, Clooney is the Man, a classy heartthrob, a cocktail nation's favorite liberal and, in his most inspired moments, an artist. In the wake of his Oscar-nominated performance in Alexander Payne's "The Descendants," we've counted down our favorite performances of Clooney, who is, as far as we're concerned, one of the greatest movie stars living. To quote his character in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" — he's bona fide. Bing: Watch a trailer for "The Descendants"Like MSN Movies on Facebook
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