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Can 'Man of Steel' save the day?

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What we hope to see in the new Superman movieBy David WalkerSpecial to MSN MoviesWhen it was announced nearly three years ago that Zack Snyder would be directing the new Superman movie, I came up with a list of fixes needed to give the franchise some new life and make it more relevant in the multibillion-dollar world of superhero movies. Based on what's been seen of "Man of Steel" so far, most of my suggestions were taken to heart. But between the time production began on "Man of Steel" and its imminent release, something significant things happened in the world of superhero movies. Specifically, the shared universe that was hinted at in Marvel's "Iron Man" (2008) and "Iron Man 2" (2010) blossomed into a massive cinematic reality including "Captain America" and "Thor," and culminating in last year's "The Avengers." During that same time, DC -- home of Superman -- only managed to release "The Dark Knight Rises," which continued to cast Batman as the lone superhero in his reality, "Green Lantern," which was both terrible and a financial disappointment, and "Jonah Hex," which made "Green Lantern" look like a massive success on all levels. In the epic battle of cinematic superhero supremacy, the heroes of DC haven't even been fighting a losing battle with Marvel because, to be honest, they have yet to step into the ring. Bing: More about 'Man of Steel' | More about Zack Snyder | Related: Awesome Superman momentsAre you excited to see the new Superman movie? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page and on Twitter. (Warner Bros. Pictures)
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