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CANNES WATCH: Adrien Brody to play Charles V

Adrien Brody: CANNES WATCH:  Adrien Brody to play Charles V © The Associated Press CANNES WATCH: Adrien Brody to play Charles V

CANNES, France (AP) — Filming hasn't started yet, but Adrien Brody is already starting to think about how he'll research his latest role as a 16th century emperor.

The Oscar-winner has signed on to play the Charles V in "Emperor," a Lee Tamahori film that explores the reign of the Roman Empire ruler. Brody appeared with Tamahori to talk up the film in Cannes.

"Now is the time to amass all the information and sit with it and let it become a part of me, and so we will do that and see what we come up with," he said in an interview Monday.

The film won't be a studious version of Charles V's time in power. Promotional materials promise a film that explores "wealth, debauchery, violent relations, sex, manipulation and treason" and Brody said it's not aiming to be a historical document.

"We're consolidating 35 years... . There will be a great deal of imagination in play here and that's what's exciting," he said.

While Brody was promoting "Emperor," he also has other projects in play: He said "American Heist" is being shown to buyers in the Cannes film market, he is starting a production company and has a movie, "Third Person," out in June.

— By Adam Egan

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