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Casey Kasem Found in Washington State

6/17/2014 Liz Raftery

By Liz Raftery

Casey Kasem was found in Washington state Wednesday, days after his children had declared him missing, The Associated Press reports.

Kasem, 82, was located by the Kistap County Sheriff's Department, and his condition is unknown, according to the AP. His children released a statement saying they plan to bring him back to the Los Angeles area.

At a hearing Monday, the attorney for Kasem's daughter Kerri said the family believed that the radio legend had been moved to an Indian reservation. Kasem's children have accused their stepmother, Jean Kasem, of refusing to let them see their father in recent months. (Watch them discussing the issue on CNN here.) A spokesman for the family says they have "grave concerns" about Casey Kasem's health.

The judge who ordered authorities on Monday to investigate Kasem's whereabouts has scheduled a hearing for June 20 to get an update on Kasem's health and well-being, the AP reports.

Casey Kasem reported missing

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