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Casey Kasem's Daughter Has Still Not Seen Her Father, Despite Court Order


By Jason Hughes

Despite a court order that allows Kerri Kasem to see her father, legendary radio personality Casey Kasem, a representative for the Kasem family told TheWrap that there is no timetable yet on when that might happen. She reported her father missing last week when lawyers for her stepmother, Jean, could not say where he was.

Since that time, Casey Kasem has been found in Washington, where local authorities said that he appeared to be in good health, and that he was merely vacationing with his wife. On Tuesday, Kerri Kasem was granted expanded powers to ensure her father is receiving adequate medical care.

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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, to comply with court orders to allow his daughter to see him, as well as allow doctors to check on him, but neither of these things has happened, according to the family.

TheWrap. "Why is she trying to block a doctor from seeing my father? What does she have to hide? If you truly love my father, you will do the right thing and allow him to get proper medical treatment."

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The 82-year-old Casey Kasem suffers from Lewy Body Disease, which is a form of dementia similar to Parkinson's Disease.

The statement from the family also stated, "Jean Kasem is trying to deflect the focus away from the horrible mistreatment of her husband. What's really at issue is her defiance of court orders and the proper medical care for Casey."

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According to the family's representative, Casey Kasem is currently not in a medical facility, and while the court order doesn't require he be put in one, it does grant Kerri Kasem the power to have him hospitalized for a medical evaluation. It goes on to add that she has a special court order from Washington state that allows her to see her father.

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