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Celebrities for President

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Alec BaldwinOK, so maybe we wouldn't want Alec Baldwin to address the nation the way he talked to his daughter, Ireland, in the now-infamous voice message he left her. Nor would we particularly enjoy it if he berated us in a manner similar to his ferocious real estate salesman in "Glengarry Glen Ross" ("You want to know what it takes to fix the deficit? It takes brass balls"). And come to think of it, I don't think we'd consider it a high, old time if he ran the country like Jack Donaghy, the network executive he portrays on the hit sitcom "30 Rock" -- at least, not unless we really fancy the notion of a president who claims his mother had a heart attack just to spite him and sees bribing test audiences with pizza as a valid way to get what he wants. In fact, reviewing it all now, it seems a no-brainer that Alec Baldwin would make the perfect president. With so many real and figurative gaffes to his name, certainly the man must be the wiser for it. But Alec, one thing: Until you're sworn in, put the coffee down, OK? It's only for closers. (Andrew Marks/Retna Ltd.)
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