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Celebs Who Have Been Busted For Smoking Pot

By Katie Mathewson Slide 1 of 19

A lot of celebrities have no problem proclaiming their love for Mary Jane. They range from Rihanna to Jessica Alba to Barack Obama, but fortunately for them, college photos and Instagram posts aren't enough to warrant a marijuana arrest. In honor of the hash holiday, April 20, we're looking at 20 celebs dopers who were busted for being 4/20 friendly.RELATED:Snoop picks J Law in a dance-off against Rebel WilsonThere's no star -- rap or otherwise -- who pops into our minds quicker than Snoop Dogg, er, Lion when it comes to smoking reefer. Snoop loves his gal Mary Jane so much that he's used her to top the Billboard charts. He mentions weed in most of his tweets, and he's been busted for marijuana possession multiple times -- in 1998, 2001, 2006, 2007 and again in January 2013. But putting Snoop Lion behind bars for smoking weed is much like booking the Hamburglar for stealing hamburgers.
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