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CNN Cuts, Reassigns 50 Employees Across News, Digital Divisions


By L.A. Ross

CNN cut or reduced 50 positions across multiple divisions on Thursday, changing roles and reducing positions and salaries across the board, CNN told TheWrap.

"There is essentially no head count change," a spokeswoman for the network wrote in an email. "Fifty positions have been impacted. Roles will [be] changed."

CNN President Jeff Zucker met with newroom reporters on Thursday to tell them the bad news, an insider told TheWrap. The cuts mainly affect news producers and managers, some of whom will be invited to reapply for tghe same positions at lower salaries.

"Many will get these jobs," said the spokeswoman, noting that the situation was "complicated."

The insider said Zucker's plan is to reduce packaged news stories will be reduced to three or four per day, and described the reaction in the newsroom as "shell-shocked."

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Producers were invited to reapply for jobs after their current employment ends on or by June 13, but most are available at reduced salaries.

Many of the eliminated positions also came from the digital divisions, which the insider described as a "blood bath in Atlanta."

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The layoffs are part of an ongoing process of reducing costs and restructuring the network, which has seen a ratings resurgence from coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CNN fired 16 employees from the Image and Sound division in March.

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