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Countdown: Top 12 Pop Culture Lifeguards

By Rebecca Silverstein Slide 1 of 12

Everyone's had a fantasy of being saved from drowning by a sexy lifeguard. (Don't lie -- you know you have.) But should it ever happen to you in real life, don't be surprised if your savior isn't a "Baywatch" babe. Sigh! We're counting down the hottest lifeguards in the pop culture lexicon.12. Gabriella Montez, "High School Musical 2"In the second installment of this Disney Channel franchise, sweet and shy Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) gets a job at the Lava Springs Country Club in order to stay close to her boyfriend Troy (Zac Efron), who's also working there. (Aww, young love!) Personally, I'd stay out of the pool on her shift: I just couldn't trust s lifeguard who looks like she belongs in the kiddie pool to save me from downing. Just sayin' …
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